References and customer feedback about the Salsero® health chair

Jürgen Richter-Irps Marketing Kommunikation
05th of January, 2013, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany 
"...Thank you once again for sending us the Salsero health chair.  For several months now we have been using a Salsero and we are completely satisfied with the chair. Sitting on this chair is comfortable and you feel a pleasant position in this seat. We wholeheartedly confirm your promise that this chair promotes health at work and we are happy to see it enrich our agency’s furniture. The next chance we get we will buy more and equip all our work stations with the Salsero. …”Everything sits perfectly”  would be the headline that summarizes our experience with your Salsero health chair.Thank you very much."
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Specialized Hospital for Neurology, Dietenbronn
27th of June, 2012, Frauke Zimmermann, head of the physical therapy
"The Salsero health chair is being used in our physical therapy unit with patients whose original health problems were neurological. We discovered that torso control and especially pelvis selectivity can be trained on a high level."
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Peter Lewton Brain, Director of ADMR  
07th of June, 2012, 98000 Monaco

"After using this extraordinary chair in my osteopathy and postural rehabilitation office, I can attest to its great design. Interesting for both, patients to ´feel´ the fine lines of balance in their spines to using it myself to keep the back strong and balanced. It is a pleasure to share the news!"Peter Lewton-Brain

Stefan Eggers, Musician and Instrumental teacher
15th of Ferbruary, 2012, 88416 Ochsenhausen

"I got the Salsero chair in consultation with my physician, a neurosurgeon and it was paid for by the German retirement insurance. As a teacher of instrumental classical guitar and as a musician, it is the ideal chair, which I can highly recommend compared to other sitting devices. After a short adjustment phase of about 6 weeks (in my case an occupational reintegration), the chair gives me every possible freedom of movement which I need in my job and I was looking for. Even without a back injury every „sitting“ musician should try out the Salsero chair."
Stefan Eggers (guitarist)

Brigitte Hänle, physiotherapist11th of April 2012, 88416 Ochsenhausen
"The principle of the „Salsero“  convinced me right away. In my physical therapy practice I use it almost daily with my patients, regardless of whether the person has orthopedic/surgical or neurological issues. In addition I use it myself as an office chair where I get to work out at the same time.
I chose the model without casters, which has proven to be very useful since I can control the difficulty of my patients’ exercises. The chair is very popular, since you quickly notice improvements in your moving behavior. Also everybody enjoys exploring their boundaries with it.
I can highly recommend this chair without reservations."
Brigitte Hänle

Manfred Hänle, Physical education- and German teacher 11th of April, 2012, 88416 Ochsenhausen
"At the time when I discovered the „Salsero“ I had strong back pain, especially in the lumbar area. Since I teach physical education I am very interested in movement and I was curious whether the chair would give me some relief from my back pain. Already in the first few minutes at the desk and in front of the computer, I noticed that sitting was so much more comfortable and I had fun sitting so dynamically.
I use the model with the back rest and the casters. The upholstery cover made out of Alcantara has proven itself. At school and among my circle of friends I enjoy recommending the „Salsero“."
Manfred Hänle

Dr. Wolfgang Hien17th of April, 2008, Research Office for Work, Health and Biography, Am Speicher XI 9, 28217 Bremen
" For office people the Salsero®-stool is almost like a fountain of youth. Only a few minutes on this stool remind you that the human being is a moving being that wants to be moved. 
From a scientific perspective of the work place I can highly recommend employers to equip their offices with a Salsero®-stool. Everyone should „change seats“ at least once a day. This moves the uptight limbs and improves the mood."

08th of January, 2008, Beitrag über den Salsero-Gesundheitsstuhl.

Dietmar Hummler
Orthopedic Physician, 88400 Biberach
"The idea of combining a therapeutic device with an appliance you use at work is excellent.."
Diane Lee
Physiotherapist, Canada      
"What I have been mainly using it for is for them to find and feel where the optimal pyramid of pelvic support is so that they can internalize this feeling into sitting on other surfaces."

Clinic for Physiological and Physical Therapy
Balzer und Rahmann, 28199 Bremen    
"Furthermore we use the Salsero Health chair for training conscious or reactive coordination, for posture awareness, for improving inter- and intra-muscular coordination, PNF-chain improvement of the arms, tissue mobilization, posttraumatic and for lifting the patient’s spirits because this training is fun!"  
Anne Dohm
Physiotherapist, Sporthep 'Werder', 28203 Bremen     
"Positive is the amplitude of the movement. In general a toppling over can be ruled out, that is why the patients feel safer than on a Pezzi exercise ball."

Matthias Piest
25th of June 2012, Generali Versicherungen, 88477 Schwendi
"You feel more and more how the muscles work with you and how that strengthens your back."

Aline Goeppert
Gyrotonic- Trainer, Dancer, 81373 Munich      
"... the Salsero is also highly useful for anyone who wants to do something good for their health at home or at work."   

Reha Stader Straße
28205 Bremen      
"After patients were initially skeptical, they accepted it as an extraordinary and frequently used training device of their choice". 

Ulrike Jaskulla, Physiotherapist
Clinic for Physical Therapy, 04105 Leipzig
"The primary advantage is that you sit dynamically. The patient is constantly motivated to be mobile and to move. This especially invigorates the back muscles which have to be strengthened to keep the back healthy."

Dr. Agnes Kronester-Frei
"Since I have the Salsero®-chair, I am much more relaxed and have a lot more fun sitting at the computer at work or at home, thanks to the tiny movements of the sitting surface. Sitting in front of the computer has become part of a daily „mini-movement program“, which I can do on the side and which keeps me agile. I can easily pivot around my axis and get up in an active posture. Initial RSI-problems and stiffness while getting up are gone! Sitting actively does not only activate the lumbar spine area, but furthermore the upper spine with the area of the shoulder girdle and the cervical spine; in short, I feel relaxed and awake despite the stress at work. I was able to lengthen the short sitting time in the beginning and eventually the back rest is no longer needed. Sitting consciously continues to be important but you do that every time when you have a chair without a back rest."

Barry Goward
Bismarckstrasse 116, 20253 Hamburg
"I am copy writer and work on a computer from home. As usual I felt back pain and after two hours I had to get up and take a break. The pain got worse and I had to go to the doctor and a physical therapist.
Then I saw the Salsero®-health chair on TV on NDR3 and was so fascinated by the idea of being able to rock while sitting.  I already did rocking exercises during Pilates training with an exercise ball, but sitting on the ball and working at the same time felt too unsafe for me. You roll aside to easily. The Salsero® is positioned securely and yet is amazingly easy to turn the pelvis and the hips just like when you’re dancing.
Now working is fun because I can do something for my back muscles.Do a few exercise rounds, then you will feel very secure with this miracle chair. I know it is not cheap but the quality of the material is high and your back will be greatful."

Frank Gansert, alogis AGlogistics consulting firm, Alt-Moabit 90 b, 10559 Berlin
Software-developers who have to sit all day in front of a monitor use the Salsero. Not everybody who tested the Salsero in our company got on with it. Those who decided in favor of the Salsero are full of praise.